Acupressure for birthing couples

Zen Beginnings Family Wellness Centre
Sat. June 8, 2013
9:30am – 11:30am $60/couple

To register: OR 416-897-2430

Instructor: Catherine Wright, S.T. (Dipl.), CD(DONA)

The doula and the shiatsu therapist in me unite with passion to share with birthing couples, how to use the incredible benefits of acupressure before, during and after labour, no matter what kind of birth you’re planning for.

I will walk couples through a series of simple accu-points with guidance on when and how to use them in early, active or post-labour. You’ll get a chance to practice locating and using the points, and providing feedback so you feel comfortable with the technique.

Using acupressure is simple and helps block pain and increase pleasurable sensations (endorphins).  Birthing women find acupressure helps them surrender, and find calm and strength, while birth partners love use it to connect to the process and provide effective support.

Women who use acupressure in birth consistently report a reduction in their pain combined with an overall sense of calmness and a high level of satisfaction with their birth experience.  Knowing this, many midwives, doulas and other birth supports include acupressure as part of their ‘tool-kits’.

Come one, come all – no need for massage or anatomy knowledge!  I’d love to see you there.

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