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The motherhand is a term taken from shiatsu therapy. It is the hand that always rests securely on a person while the other hand works.  It is a perceptive, grounding force.  This idea is what underlies all of the work I do with mothers, couples and families. It fuels my approach, which is to work with people where they are at, to give strength and to build upon what is already working.

I draw upon my experience with childbirth education, meditation, shiatsu therapy, craniosacral therapy, nutrition and integrative approaches to sleep coaching when I work with families.  I am a facilitator  – I like to give parents a lot of room to figure out their own style.

Having information, support and a plan allows us to see what’s possible – and how we might choose to react, cope and grow in different situations as parents. I believe we all end up creating our own philosophy on how to birth and parent as we go along, as we figure out what works for us as a whole family.  That opportunity is what I hope to continue offering parents.

For the past several years I’ve been spending most of my time working with families around Supportive Sleep Coaching.  This aspect of Motherhand is continually blossoming – feeding my lifelong obsession with sleep.

I am a Certified Sleep Consultant (International Maternity Institute), DONA Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Shiatsu Therapist and mother.  I have been working with young families for almost a decade.