For expectant parents and parents with infants 0-4 months, I can’t recommend Infant Sleep Shaping enough.  I come to meet the whole clan in-home (2 hours) and provide customized suggestions around instilling healthy sleep foundations: nutrition, happy sleep environment and simple sleep routines are all part of the sleep puzzle.

What we’ll work on:

  • Figuring out the sleeping arrangement that will work best for your baby and family
  • Strategies around calming your baby, and settling him or her around sleep
  • Establishing simple routines that shape healthy sleep for the long term
  • Handling naps / daytime sleep
  • Maximizing support and other strategies for sleep deprived parents to get more z’s.


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* Some parents choose to group together for a discount – please let me know if you are interested in joining or creating a small group.

My approach to sleep shaping is compatible with all sleeping arrangements and parenting styles.   It is intended to be empowering and educational.


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why is

  • Babies up to 5 months are not ready for sleep coaching but they thrive on gentle routines.
  • Sleep shaping helps you and your baby find your rhythms early on,  so you can lean on them in later months when sleep consolidation, regular naps and bedtime start to develop.
  • Sleep shaping is designed to inform and empower parents around establishing sleep foundations. Understanding infant sleep and how it develops often means parents sidestep sleep challenges down the road.
  • Sleep shaping encourages parents to plan for and strategize around sleep loss and recovery.