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Do you believe in ‘cry-it-out’ (CIO) methods and will this be part of a Sleep Plan for my baby?

I do not support or recommend letting any baby cry alone for a sustained period of time.  Often, but not always, a baby will fuss in the face of something new or a change to his/her routine.   I always ask parents before creating a Sleep Plan, how comfortable they are with hearing their baby cry for short periods of time.  I use a variety of no-cry sleep solutions for parents who are not comfortable with any degree of crying.

Will you do overnights and/or implement the sleep coaching yourself?

I have designed Supportive Sleep Coaching to involve parents in the changes they are making so the results are lasting.  I don’t do the sleep coaching myself, or stay overnight, but am provide ongoing support to the families I work with through follow-ups, check-ins, troubleshooting and fine–tuning. For parents who are looking for overnight support so they can get some consolidated sleep, or for a sleep consultant who does overnights and sleep training themselves, I am happy to provide referrals.

Can someone who practices Attachment Parenting use Supportive Sleep Coaching effectively?

Absolutely.  My approach to sleep is integrative, which means I use a variety of solutions (and hybrid solutions) to work effectively with all parenting styles.  Getting healthy sleep is also not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Do you work with parents who don’t or can’t adhere to strict schedules?

Yes.  ‘Sleep Training’ has a reputation of being heavily schedule driven.  During the time when a change is taking place in a baby’s routine, some degree of schedule is important.  However, once good sleep habits are in place, it’s much easier to change up a schedule and loosen the reigns a little.  Sleep solutions are especially important for families who have irregular, unpredictable and/or unconventional schedules.

Is there a time when I should NOT take on Supported Sleep Coaching?

I don’t recommend Supported Sleep Coaching for a family who is in the middle of a major transition: sick baby, move, holiday, separation.  Positive change will best take root in a stable environment where parents can predict bedtimes, naps and other daily routines.