sleepy eyes testimonials

My own emotional baggage kept me from doing anything around sleep with my son.

But eventually his own sleep deprivation trumped mine. He had dark circles under his eyes all the time and I knew I had to make some changes. He was barely taking naps at all. It turned out he was more ready than we knew – having never once fallen asleep without me nursing him to sleep – within four nights he was motioning to his crib to be put down, and was falling asleep on his own, and he was napping in his crib! Talk about getting in your own way.Thanks Catherine, for giving us the confidence to take this leap and for holding our hand while we did it. Your compassion and wisdom around family sleep is a gift.

|    C.B & J.B.  (Toronto parents of a 10-month-old).

I was the most hesitant mom in the world when it came to the concept of ‘sleep training’.

But it was the best investment we’ve made in a very long time. Catherine put together a customized, gentle approach for us that was very well thought out for our needs and wishes. The entire process was so much easier to handle than I had feared.
My life from January 1st to February 1st has changed so drastically it’s unrecognizable. We all get sleep, we’re all happy, we all thrive on the routine. I have time with my husband in the evenings, we make proper dinners and talk about our days. I’m no longer a walking zombie on the verge of tears from being so overtired and stressed. I don’t have anxiety attacks around bedtime anymore. I haven’t had a botched nap since meeting with Catherine. Little tips and tricks have just altered our universe for the better. I have the time, the energy and the renewed passion to put into my new business again. My daughter has the tools she needs to help herself get the sleep she wants and needs. Who would have thought she’d be happiest just being placed in her crib with her lovie so she could fall asleep, instead of being rocked or bounced in my arms!? It’s really amazing. We’re so happy we started our new year off by asking for help from Catherine.

|   M.S. (Toronto Mom of a 6-month old).

We have a tough nut, and were grateful Catherine took into consideration our baby’s temperament when working with us.

We got side railed a few times during sleep coaching but Catherine was quick to respond and modify our approach as needed. We needed this level of individual support to help our daughter become the amazing sleeper she is today. Thank you Catherine.

|   S.A. (Toronto Mom of a 9-month old).

I wasn’t considering having another baby until I met Catherine!

We had no clue about infant sleep when our baby was born and were really falling apart after almost one year of getting no sleep. I was starting to feel like a crappy parent. Catherine helped us teach our daughter how to settle into sleep peacefully without our usual two-hour bedtime battle. We all slept through the night for the first time since our daughter was born – after three days of starting on Catherine’s sleep plan. Catherine also gave us tools and strategies for transitioning G to daycare, and for a big family trip we’re now looking forward to!

|   R.B. (Guelph Mom of a one-year old).

We really appreciated your individualized support Catherine.

We know we were not an easy family to work with but because you always explain the whys and hows behind your suggestions and recommendations, we had the confidence to not only implement changes, but maintain them.

|   D.G.  (Toronto Mom of a 13-month old).

C slept straight through last night!

10.5 hours.  I wish I called you three months ago Catherine.  I feel like a different person. As a single Mom sleep coaching is the best investment I have ever made. Even everyone at the drop-in centre comments on how happy and alert C is. This is such a bonus for both of us. Thank you, thank you.

|   C.L. (Toronto Mom of 6-month-old).

We had read a pile of sleep books, and made several attempts at making changes with A’s sleep but needed the level of support and daily accountability you provided to follow through and see success.

Sleep coaching was a more of an educational experience than we’d ever imagined. We learned a tremendous amount in three weeks, which we will continue to use as A grows and changes.

|   S.S. (Toronto Dad of a one-year-old).

I can’t believe where we are at, only two weeks after having met with you Catherine.

It’s mind blowing how something so difficult and wearing (a not-sleeping-baby) can take its toll on a family, but also how quickly things can turn around. Thank you for spending so much time making this work for us.

|   B.F. (Toronto Mom of a 5-month-old).

Before Catherine came into our lives, bed time was a total nightmare that lasted hours and was filled with tears (the babies and mine!).

Catherine’s approach was gentle and supportive, always checking in with us to make sure we were comfortable with our sleep plan. We were a complicated case, as we had twins with totally different sleep schedules and habits. With Catherine’s guidance and expertise, we now have two babies who nap at the same time, allowing me to *gasp* sneak in some extra sleep, as well! I can honestly say that the initial email I sent Catherine in an exhausted, emotional panic was the best decision I’ve made for our family. Our difficult, grumpy boy is now a different child because he’s not exhausted anymore. We are so thankful for the work Catherine did with us.

|   V.L. (Toronto Mom of 5-month old twins).

Catherine showed us that it is possible to help our little one find peaceful, healthy sleep routines without having to use a rigid model that doesn’t allow for more initial comfort.

We met all of our sleep goals (and are much happier as a family), in a way that felt right and respectful of our little one.

|   B.V.  (Toronto Mom of a 7-month old).

After working with Catherine for one week, the results have been a dramatic improvement in my sons sleep, and OUR sleep and a big improvement in the day to day functioning of our family.

I would recommend Catherine’s help for sleep coaching to any new parent struggling with teaching their baby how to sleep longer, better and more independently. We are so happy we invested the time to get Catherine’s advice and support!

|   S.B. (Waterloo Mom of a one-year-old).

Catherine offered incredible support to us as we worked to improve our daughter’s naps and night time sleep.

She listened compassionately to our story, honoured the challenges we had experienced and also acknowledged the intelligence of our coping strategies. I think that when you are exhausted parents you need someone who understands and doesn’t judge. Catherine was this person for us. After asking many questions and getting a complete picture of our daughter’s sleep patterns she came up with a comprehensive plan for us. After a week or two of following this plan our daughter’s naps began to lengthen and then… wow she started to sleep through the night. We feel more rested and we know that our daughter is more rested too. Thank you Catherine for your comprehensive and compassionate support.

|   E.L. (Toronto Mom of an 8-month-old).