Supportive Sleep Coaching was developed out an understanding that successful and sustainable sleep outcomes require support, and put the uniqueness of each family’s sleep needs and goals – first.

All of my packages include careful consideration to your:

  • Parenting philosophy
  • Support systems / family’s wellbeing
  • Baby or child’s temperament
  • Sibling relationships
  • Household set-up and routines
  • Baby / child’s health and nutrition (referrals to other professionals made when necessary)
  • My integrative approach to sleep draws on a wide-range of sleep strategies and techniques to help your whole family sleep better. Your custom-fit plan is followed-up with check-ins, troubleshooting, and compassionate support.




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Making the match

I put a lot of thought and care into fitting each family with the sleep strategy that will work for them. This requires a clear understanding of your expectations and sleep goals. Your parenting philosophy, support systems, baby or child’s temperament, sibling relationships and household set-up will shape a unique Supportive Sleep Plan that fits your family’s needs and goals. I have an integrative approach and use a wide range of sleep solutions and techniques – the success is in my comprehensive approach to sleep, and fitting you with the right plan.

Sleep Foundations

Sleep coaching often isn’t successful if sleep foundations aren’t in place. Nutrition, sleep environment, routines, and family well-being are all part of the sleep puzzle, for every baby or toddler.


My approach is research and evidence based. Whenever possible I will provide parents with research and articles to inform the changes you are making. When parents understand why they are making the changes they are – they feel confident and committed to the process – and so it works.

A United Front

I am a sleep coach but so are you (or you will be)! I encourage a team-like-relationship with the families I work with. This is a process that thrives on good, honest communication.

When your baby is ready

Supportive Sleep Coaching is designed for parents with babies 5-6 months up to 3 years of age. The 5-6 month age marks an optimum time for making sustainable changes around a baby’s sleep. Some babies are not quite ready Supportive Sleep Coaching until this age. If you have a baby 4 months or younger and would like to be proactive around sleep, you will like what my Sleep Shaping Consultations have to offer.

For other questions about my approach or style, please refer to the FAQs, or send me an email.