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Is your family a good candidate for Supportive Sleep Coaching?

I regularly offer Infant Sleep Shaping seminars to new parents curious to learn more about baby sleep.  The energy in the room is often a cocktail of oxytocin-steeped-love, sleepiness, and some healthy excitement and anxiety. This is also the venue where parents rightfully ask questions like, “Is it wrong to be nursing my baby to... More >

Why I don’t like sleep ‘training’

The word ‘training’ is limited, and isolating. It brings to mind separation not unity - something that would better apply to a circus trainer and his tiger. Upon reading The Truth about Infant Self-Soothing, I was almost brought to tears myself (tears of happiness). This is the essence of Supportive Sleep Coaching – this is why I don’t... More >

Postnatal insomnia & my chat with Naturopath Dr. Kristin Heins

I thought I was golden once my daughter started sleeping through the night.  Time to sleep, sleepy, sleep, all night long.  My earplugs became my most prized nighttime accessory – the promise of an airtight cone of silence. Unexpectedly though, I continued to wake to the sound of jarring screams. Only now, the screams were coming from... More >

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